La Roque Gageac


This outrageously picturesque hamlet of tan stone houses nestled under a cliff on the right bank of the Dordogne, entices visitors up steep, residential lanes with delightful river views. There’s a tiny tourist office (0553291701) in the riverside car park.


The Fort Troglodytique, halfway up the cliff-face, are fortified cave dwellings originally built in their incredible position during the 12th century. They resisted all attacks during the Hundred Years War but were finally captured by the unstoppable Huguenots during the Wars of Religion.The fortifications were rebuilt during the 17th century but gradually dismantled and their stones used elsewhere.
Les Caminades and Les Gabares Norbert both offer one-hour river trips on board replicas of wine-carrying gabares.
Canoe Dordogne has canoes and kayaks for rent from the riverside at the back of the car-park and also offers rock-climbing and potholing through a separate company, Couleurs Perigord


B&B Ferme de Tayac is just 15 min. drive from the center of Roque Gageac

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